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Raffore Islands 2009 General Election

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Raffore Islands 2009 General Election

Post by Aranho on Mon Jun 01, 2009 1:14 am

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The 2009 General Election of Raffore Islands is one of the most important events of the Republic. Previously uncontested for 16 years on, the Raffore United Party will be contesting again for this General Election, along with 4 other new parties: Raffore Democratic Alliance, Peace 2 Raffore Party, Freedom Party and Equality Party.

At this General Election, all 92 seats of the Parliament will be contested at all towns and cities of the Republic with a total of 9 Electoral States. All citizens and permanent residents of the Republic above 16 must vote for this General Election at the respective voting centers in their respective towns and cities. For those citizens and permanent residents not in the Republic during the Voting Days, they must go to the nearest Raffore Islands Embassy or Consulate at the city they are at (e.g. Ylmeria, Hypertrophy City, Beijing, Singapore, etc.)

As the countdown to Voting Day begins, watch this space as the respective parties gear up for the Electoral Campaigns with their interesting ideas.

Timeline of the General Election
2009 General Election Campaign: June 2 - July 27
2009 General Election Voting: July 29 & 30
Result of 2009 General Election: July 31

Decision of new Prime Minister and new President: August 15
Decision of Ministers: August 21
First Day the new Government take office: August 31

Go to this link for more infomation about the General Election.
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Re: Raffore Islands 2009 General Election

Post by Slacker on Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:01 am

Where do the RUP stand on the political spectrum?
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