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Simlympic HQ Competition - Take 3

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Simlympic HQ Competition - Take 3

Post by Slacker on Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:12 am

Here's the third round of the Simlympic HQ competition.

The first and second rounds of the competition found us Headquarters for the following regions/unions:

North America

The winning headquarters can be found here.

We therefore need Headquarters for the other unions/regions which are currently without a Simlympic HQ:


So, if you're interested simply post in this thread with the following;

City name:
Nation/Country name:
Geographical Region/Union:
Pictures of the HQ, or alternatively pictures of where the HQ would be located and the building you wish to use as the HQ. Be as creative as you like, and remember we aren't going to need 7 or 8 skyscrapers, so if some people have done one; try something different Smile. Variety is the spice of lie after all!

Deadline is the 15th November, the ISC will then vote on which city should host the union/regional HQ and announce the results the next day.

Good luck and have fun Very Happy.
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