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The Great Quandt Blackout of 2010

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The Great Quandt Blackout of 2010

Post by KirkMalton on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:59 am

On August 15, 2010, 10:19 AM EDT (15:19 UTC), central, west central, east central and parts of southeastern Quandt faced a sudden power outage, affecting entire cities and towns in those regions.

The cause of the power outage is the damaged Livingston Power Plant at the industrial area of New York City just south of the downtown area.

The industrial area, with the Livingston Power Plant during the Simlympic Torch Relay on August 13

Young Dix, a cargo ship from Canada, was travelling south on the Concord River when suddenly it changed course and travelled southeast, heading straight for a pillar on the Grand Boulevard Bridge. It then crashed into the pillar, and then the pillar collapsed. The rear of the ship violently flew up-shore, destroying part of the power plant. The ship was anchored there since. Due to the crash, the power plant had to be evacuated and parts of Grand Boulevard had to be shut down, leaving SWS meteorologists stranded for hours. Luckily no one on the ship was killed. As a result power outages occurred in the Blue Zone.

As the Livingston Power Plant is the main source of electricity for the Blue Zone, all towns and cities in the Blue Zone were affected. The Blue Zone is home to Quandt's four largest cities (Percy, Sonic, NYC and Fort Lansing) and the nation's only commercial airport, NYC/Percy/Sonic/FL International Airport.

All buildings in the Blue Zone had their power lost. All businesses in the Blue Zone had to close. Rapid Transit power was cut off, leaving people stranded on the subway for hours. Toll booths were closed. Traffic lights and freeway variable message boards were unable to display anything at all, causing long traffic jams and even traffic accidents. Gas stations were unable to pump fuel at all, also causing traffic congestion in the areas surrounding the gas stations. Flights were initially cancelled at NYC/P/S/FL Airport, but backup generators de-cancelled the flights.

To make matters worse, all Water pumps and towers within the Blue Zone has stopped working, causing a majority of the buildings within the Blue Zone without proper water and even requiring boil water advisories to be issued.

It will take until April 2011 to restore the power. Thus, the President has declared Quandt a State of Emergency at 10:55 AM.

The government is requesting for foreign aids for the following items currently:
Handheld torches
Power generators
Bottled Water
Ready-to-eat foods
Portable fans (due to ongoing heat wave)
Floodlights (to lit the affected roads)

Any other foreign aids are welcomed.


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Re: The Great Quandt Blackout of 2010

Post by Wacky32 on Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:06 am

Oh my god, your country is having problems, Linktoria will help in anyway.

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