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Kingdom of Waterbridge

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Kingdom of Waterbridge Empty Kingdom of Waterbridge

Post by simsamerica on Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:21 am

Right now this is sort of an FYI for some stuff to come. I'm working on Waterbridge again and plan on posting it to Simsports. Now, there's not enough space to post it to its entirity but if you wanna read what I have so far, follow the link here

I'm planning on working on Rockwood, the big City, and a small town in the SE.

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Kingdom of Waterbridge Empty Re: Kingdom of Waterbridge

Post by simsamerica on Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:32 pm

Bridgeish Soccer System

Official Name: Bridgeish Association Football Federation (BAFF)

Club System
Regions Bank Premier League [usually 28 games, this season is only 24, 4x round robin]
Wegman's League One [22 games, double round robin]
Wegman's League Two [30 games, double round robin]

Club Cups
BAFF Cup [Sundrop Cup]
BAFF Shield [Arby's BAFF Shield Game]
Each League has a shield sponsored by the league sponsor for the top 2 teams at the end of the season but the champion is the one that finished best in the season

Non Club Events
Towns Championship [Discount Tire King's Cup]

The BAFF was founded by her royal highness, Queen Isabelle II in 1919, as a federal entity with headquarters among the Thorneshire shops in New Mistley, she handed control down to her son, Prince Andrew VI. In 1921 the Queen died and the Prince took the throne, and three weeks to the day afte his corronation, he handed control over to Sir Gregoire Leblanc who, in 1922 oversaw the first game of what is now the Premier League. In 1941, with the US' involvement in WWII, for the safety of citizens, Bridgites stayed in their homes as much as possible and the BAFF was put on hiatus until 1945, officially able to come back on VE day, it started back again in 1946 with two tiers now and a national cup and shield. In 1962, Prince Jacob started a championship between the towns, villages and cities of the nation, the Town's championship, which was initially held every three years but in 1973, began being held annually, as it is still today. New Mistley has 12 championships while Riverbourne and Attica Bay are tied on 7 with other towns and coutnies winning the rest. In 1991, the Premier League had ballooned to 14 teams with the second tier at 22 teams, too big for such a small nation, so a third tier was added and the top two tiers downsized to 8 teams and 12 teams, with the bottom tier holding 16 teams. The BAFF Cup was instituted in 1945 as the first competition since after WWII, it is a competition between the 36 BAFF teams. The shield is a competition to begin the season, a game between the winning side of the previous Premier league season and the Cup winner or if the same team, the winner of League One.

Premier League Teams
B.F.S.C. Flight [Attica Bay]
Arsenel Atlantic [Silvergrove]
New Mistley United F.C. [New Mistley]
Thorneshire Upper-Lower [Thorneshire]
Mount Thornewell Albion [Mount Thornewell]
Riverbourne United [Riverbourne]
Rejuvenate [Riverbourne]
League One
Plesantree United F.C.
Silvergrove Town
Riverbourne North
Riverbourne South
Thorneshire Lower
Mount Thornewell University
Forestmere FC [Forestmere village]
Attica Bay United
Rockwood Creek
Federal F.C.
Rockwood Bay
Western Coast Cougars FC

League Two
FC Hospital [Plesantree]
Valley Eagles FC [Forestmere]
New Mistley East
Capital FC
Rockwood South
Attica Bay East
FC Lions
Cape Ivyley
Cape Monttree
Venice Terrace
Vienna Terrace
North Willowmoss

Feburary-October: BAFF Season
November-Janurary: Towns Championship
January 15-Feburary 15: Winter Transfers
July 15- August 15- Summer transfers
Sunday of Feburary 1: BAFF Shield
Sunday of October 15: BAFF Cup Final

*Premier league side Rockwood National FC, folded immediatley before the start of the 2011 season and it was late enough that a replacement could not be found. The league is currently 7 teams in size but is usually 8 teams. For the 2012 season, an extra League one team will be promoted while an extra League 2 club will go up to league 1 and a new club will join at the bottom of League 2.

This stuff will be randomly mentioned through the CJ, soon i'll have some standings of the leagues Smile

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Kingdom of Waterbridge Empty Re: Kingdom of Waterbridge

Post by simsamerica on Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:41 am

Well its been a while but Waterbridge is back on Simsports, CSG, simmania and simtropolis, with update 6: Forestmore. Now in the time we've been gone, I have had to redo [Completely] Riverbourne and Attica Bay, which is now West NOT East, of Riverbourne, which will be showcased in update 7 next week or so, and now we are back Smile

Kingdom of Waterbridge RepliesBanner
None Sad

We begin by going South through mountain roads east of town, North through town on the secondary highway, and then back south on the main road and like the last two updates, theres a speedway:
Kingdom of Waterbridge ForestmoreSpeedway
Forestmore Speedway, located Southeast of town, is a .75 mile, barely banked rectangular oval, like indy but shorter and less square. Average speeds for the Forestmore 400 Bridgeish Stock Car race are usually around 95-100 mph.

And jumping into town, we come across more cars, Dealers Row, home of seven car dealerships:
Anderson Toyota
Anderson Ford
Anderson Renault
Forestmere Hyundai
Franklin Fiat
Franklin Daihatsu
Franklin Citroen

Kingdom of Waterbridge Dealerships

Heading back north up the road we come across UPS Park, home of Forestmore High School Baseball and... YOUR FORESTMORE LUMBERJACKS.
The Lumberjacks are 4 time Champions of the BFBL, Bridgeish Federal Baseball League, located at the 12,000 seat stadium, the Jacks are year in and year out a force to be reckoned with in the 16 team league, a perinneal playoff contender. Keep going down the road and we leave north of town
Kingdom of Waterbridge UPSPark

Take a few lefts and you come back into town going south on the main road, the same one from New Mistley, and we come back infront of Forestmore High School, which is right across from one of the premier hospitals in the nation, Richardson medical Center, a private hospital run by the Richardson family, a native Forestmore family who made their fortune in Banking and investment who chose to give back to their community.
Kingdom of Waterbridge ForestmoreHighSchool

crossing back down the main road we pass the school and some shops
Kingdom of Waterbridge Downtown

And with that we part the small village of Forestmore.
Kingdom of Waterbridge VillageofRiverbourne

And here is a teaser for what you can see in update 7: Riverbourne, Attica Bay and Union City.
Kingdom of Waterbridge BourneRiverUniversity

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Kingdom of Waterbridge Empty Re: Kingdom of Waterbridge

Post by K50 on Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:23 pm

What a beautiful setting for that town, in that valley... although those roads look pretty craggy and steep Razz
Former Simlympic Host

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Kingdom of Waterbridge Empty Re: Kingdom of Waterbridge

Post by simsamerica on Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:28 pm

Kingdom of Waterbridge RepliesBanner
K50: Why thank you Smile

Tonight we have a feature presentation, in Austrailia they have a program on TV called Football Superstar, a soccer version of American Idol, and now in its second season, is "Football Superstar: Waterbridge" Filming takes place at International Park in the International Village neighborhood of Rockwood and at 3 small apartments at the Rockwood YMCA, which also is home of the BAR, Bridgeish Association of Rocketry (expect more soon), editing takes place at the neighboring TV studio to International Park.

Small Apartment, home of Joe, Matt and Taz
Kingdom of Waterbridge Good-studio

2011 Cast:
D Joe Atkins-New Mistley 18
D Matt Castleberry- Attica Bay 17
D Taz (Clement)Wilson- Vienna Terrance 15
M Alex Connors-Forestmore 16
M Oliver Decker-Rockwood 19
M Hugh Anderson-Mount Thornewell 21
M Robert Abbot- Cape Ively 19
F Jazzy (Stefano) Conrad- Riverbourne 18
F Wade Barton- Mount Plesantree 20
F Shooter (Hunter) Brannick- Rockwood 17

avg age: 18.0

Ambrose Barnard- Part of the 6 Championships with BFSC Flight in the 1980's and early 1990's. [played 1979-1992, retired at 31, now 50, former manager of Rockwood National until the club's bankruptcy]

Andrew Humphrey- Agent of many Bridgeish athletes who knows the buissiness side if things

Ginny Bingham- Bridgeish actress who know's image.

Prize: Contract from "Village International" and scholorship from Rockwood State.


[Theme song plays since I can't get the youtube working]

Narrator: A new crop of youths arrive, ready to play at the Rockford Y, where Ambrose is waiting for them.

Kingdom of Waterbridge RockwoodY

[stands up and calls for attention]

Ambrose: Attention please gentlemen. [waits a moment] thank you, now you are all very talented, otherwise you wouldn't have made it this far but the road will only get tougher from here. One of you will not start out well enough and will be gone by towmorrow night, someone new will be sent off every two nights, just hope it isn't you. Now, go upto your rooms, you've been divided by position, and get yourselves accomidated, and change into the kits in your rooms, when you are done come back here, you have 30 minutes.

[camera goes to footage of the boys going upto their rooms and unpacking their stuff before going to Taz talking about the rooms]

Taz: Despite being in a public building in downtown, the rooms were really nice, and so were the kits, nike did a good job with them, comfortable, airy, excellent.

[camera goes to an interview with Ambrose]

Ambrose: I think there is a great crop of young talent this year and we can work and make them better.

[camera goes to the players back at the meeting]

Ambrose: Why do I only see nine? [room goes silent] Who's missing?

[camera goes to Alex at a snack machine getting something in a hoodie with his kit pants, then running to the meeting]

Alex: Sorry.

Ambrose: Do you not understand punctuality? You don't come late to one of our meetings, have you never heard of a first impression? so far mine is that we have an easy choice towmorrow night. And what are you wearing, go back up and change, since your so important we will wait for you [said sarcastically]

Alex: ... [thinking wow... in his head, then goes and changes]

Ambrose: Now then, today you will be competing in your first game, You are already divided by position, now between yourselves you need to decide on your roles in the next 25 minutes, when we get there, the practice squad is already there, you will be facing the Village Internatinoal Reserves in a full 90 minute game. We also have their backup reserve keeper on our team. Now then, on the bus.

[everyone gets up and onto the bus, the the shot goes to International Park]

Kingdom of Waterbridge InternationalPark

[Everyone standing in a circle]

Ambrose: Now then, you have 90 minutes to do the best you can so that I won't want you gone by towmorrow evening.

Kingdom of Waterbridge Soccer-training-inside_inside_outside-drill-800X800

Narrator: After 90 minutes, the score read Superstars 2-4 Reserves, this was enough for today, the boys go back to The Y and its 8:30 PM, though tired, the strikers begin to goof off and have fun, despite a 7:15 wakeup the next morning.

[clock now reads 11:22 PM, hear the strikers partying]

[Ambrose knocks on door, room gets quiet]

Ambrose: What are you doing, you realize you only have 8 hours left until you need to get up? Shut off the music, shut off the tely, sleep.

[clocks beeping, players getting ready]

Humphrey: Welcome to your second day at the compound here, hope you've been enjoying yourselves [not funny] today we will work on your street smarts when talking with nasty agents and buisinessmen like me, first off lets talk about contracts, you can't be overly demanding, because at this stage, noone will snatch you up and noone wil care that they don't have you, because they don't know what you can do. You have to be able to demand enough that it is fair but not so much that they can just skip over an overly greedy prospect. [camera takes various shots with little bits of buisiness knowledge coming through on the audio] Based on your play last night I know the self esteem and what you would do in the negotiations room enough to make my choices for towmorrow night.

[everyone exits]

Ginny: Well after watching you last night in the game, I know who has natural image and who doesn't, now, some of you will take alot more work than others but some of you have that natural good character and image and would make it if it came down to looks and image. [talks on about image, something I don't know much about Razz]

Ginny: Well I'll see you lads all in a short while Smile [all exit]

Narrator: Now after 4 tries to impress the judges, the gentlemen come to the stadium to see how well they did and who won't return towmorrow.

Ambrose: Hello Gentlemen [hear a grunt from the lads] now you have had two days to leave your first impressions and now you are here to find out what we think, one of you will be going home tonight. Joe, please step forward... [dramatic music begins playing] now these are the comments we all had combined, your defending skills in the game last night were exceptional, you have a great image and you have the self confidance and personality to make it on the buissiness side, grab your things you can head back to the bus. Matt please step forward... you need a little work on your defensive skills but you can do good clearences. [onward until the last three]

Ambrose: Now we have just three left, Alex, Hugh, Conrad, step forward... alex, after that little stunt last night, the three of us were nearly ready to make our decision a night early but you have the glow of a professional and the skills of a top defensive midfielder but lack the maturity. Hugh... you are getting a bit old for a prospect and that could be a problem even with your buisiness appeal. Conrad, you don't have the self confidance, maturity or buisiness smarts but are probably one of the three best players that was on the pitch last night....

Ambrose: now is there anything the three of you have to say before we announce our decision?

Three: no.

Ambrose: Well then, the first contestent to be voted off Football


Good luck with your career but your just too old to make it here. Alex, Conrad, you can get your bags and head back to the bus.

Kingdom of Waterbridge 81612850

Narrator: For Hugh Anderson, it will be two days he will never forget, but wish he'd had the chance to do sooner.

Next time: Rockwood Part I (probably have 4 parts)

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Kingdom of Waterbridge Empty Re: Kingdom of Waterbridge

Post by simsamerica on Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:43 am

Big one tonight to start out my 4 part series on Rockwood, which I will breakdown:

Part 1: International Park
Part 2: Downtown Rockwood and the immediate area surrounding the area covered in Part 1
Part 3: Longford and the Southeast
Part 4: The West

Now for the actual update:

International Park is an enormous Park located immediatly East of Downtown Rockwood on the northeastern coast of Waterbridge. In all it is approximatly 1000 acres (probably off), and is about 25 blocks by 4-5 blocks in size. It consists of two hospitals, Wine Street Hospital at the North End and also the Rockwood State University Medical School at the south End, 27 embassy buildings (if anyone wants one I'm leaving 8 up "for sale") including the large US and UK embassies, 1 hotel, 1 aquatic center, one 6,700 seat stadium plus alot of scenic walkways along the river.

International Park is the Mona Lisa of Waterbridge while at the same time being the savior of the economy. In 1934, the project was started by the WUWF [Waterbridge Unemployed Workers Federation, our WPA] to help provide jobs to out of work persons in the nation and it worked, with Waterbridge having one of the strongest economies of the era. Further in 1977, falling with the US's Economic woes, it was expanded, this time to include the section to the South Resevoir, and it has now been expanded further with a new lake being added in the new river section beyond the south resevoir upto Wine Street, a new "section of town," home of Wine Street Hospital, Rockwood Raceway Park and the Wine Street Tennis Park. This is still under Construction. Now we will begin from North to South with the Update, Start in downtown, work our way east then head due south Smile

Kingdom of Waterbridge LakeSquare
We don't have Times Square, Our "Square" Only has buildings on 3 sides, "Lake Square" is at the meeting point of the two parks. We have our Ticker which will display stock prices and such from 5:45 PM until 7:15 AM the next morning.

Kingdom of Waterbridge RockwoodAquaticsCenter
Next is the Rockwood Aquatics Center, an addition built in 1978, even though it was in the original park, it was felt that this would be a better place than the area they were working on. It holds 4,682 people for events. It is just to the right of the first picture.

Kingdom of Waterbridge FireStationandStatue
Down the road to the east at the intersection of the International Lake, where Lake Square and the Aquatics Center are, and the Longford River, is the International Park Fire Station and the Statue of King Andrew IV, 1921-1955, who began the park project. The 1970's expansion done by Queen Anne I and current expansion is being preformed under King Jordan I. King Jacob is the only one of the last 4 who hasn't expanded it (reigned 1982-1999).

Now into the thick of it:
Kingdom of Waterbridge InternationalParkHotel
As of now there is but one hotel in International Park, an Omni (ooo, classy Wink ) There were plans to build another but... well... you'll see...

Kingdom of Waterbridge RockwoodStateUniversity
Rockwood State University has a satallite campus at International Park which houses its law, government and medical schools.

Kingdom of Waterbridge 6x4abandonedconstruction
Now for that second hotel I mentioned earlier, Hilton had plans to put in a Hampton Inn however, funding fell through and Hilton decided against this, leaving the lot abandoned, the city and federal governments are trying to decide what to do in its place, if you have any ideas its a 6x4 lot. Smile (this is me saying that I have no idea what I should put here Razz)

Kingdom of Waterbridge EastEndBarandGrill
Right about that point is another Satallite of sorts, Go back upto Update 3: Mount Thornewell and you'll come across "Mountain Jack's Saloon," home of the 56oz Mountain Salad Steak, Well Mountain Jack whose real name is John T. Alexander, resides in Riverbourne and owns 9 different Steakhouses, Bars and Grilles across the nation including International Park's East End Grill, after Mountain Jack's Saloon, it is his #2 best resteraunt of the 9. Famous among the Diplomats but the top diplomats often make the trek to Mountain Jack's in Thornewell.

Kingdom of Waterbridge ParkofNations
The Park of Nations contains a large assortment of flags to represent International Peace and prosperity. If you notice the path is in the shape of Union Jack Razz accidental I should add.

Kingdom of Waterbridge 17Embassies
There are 17 embassies in a block in the East center of the park. There are 27 in all in the park including the US and UK embassies. (the 8 I offered earlier are not these unfortunatly)

Kingdom of Waterbridge InternationalParkStadiumWest
Now is International Park Stadium, home of Rockwood Creek FC, who are in the middle of becoming Village International FC.

Kingdom of Waterbridge InternationalParkStadiumSouth
The Stadium seats 7,256 people and also hosts some international affairs and hosts filming for Football Superstar: Waterbridge

Kingdom of Waterbridge USandUKEmbassies
The US and UK have the 2 largest embassies in the nation, the US is on the right and the UK is on the left. They are our 2 biggest allies.

Kingdom of Waterbridge SouthParkResivoir
This was a byproduct of the Recent expansion, it may be modified later but the channel goes beside a small lake for a short distance before cutting back over into the lake.

Kingdom of Waterbridge InternationalTheatre
Daniel from Elton John's performance a few weeks back:

Boys of Summer from Don Henley live March 26th

Usually these are the sorts of concerts played here Smile

Kingdom of Waterbridge Crossriverbikeway
Now into the current project, mostly its the bike paths, including the cross river bikeway.

Kingdom of Waterbridge WineStreetHospital
And to end the update, is Wine Street Hospital, located between Wine Street N and Wine Street S, it was built in 2008. Wine Street S and Wine Street N cross at the top of the pic (Wine S goes across) Wine Street continues going both directions just below the shot. There is is a residential street, and its only cross street is Wine Drive.

This will have to do for update 7 (think its update 7)


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Kingdom of Waterbridge Empty Re: Kingdom of Waterbridge

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