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2011 SSRF Schedule

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2011 SSRF Schedule

Post by alicaponi on Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:18 pm

2011 SSRF Schedule

March 19th:
Opening day of SSLR season
April 16th: International Exhibition Weekend
May 28th: International Exhibition Weekend
June 5th: Bids for play-off Final close
June 10th: Host of the Play-Off Final Announced and bidding for the 2011 SSRF Rugby World Cup Begins
August 27th: International Exhibition Weekend/World Cup Qualifiers
September 3rd: Final Day of the SSLR regular Season and Bidding for the 2011 SSRF Rugby World Cup Ends and voting begins
September 5th: Host of the 2011 SSRF Rugby World Cup is announced
September 10th: Play-Offs Begin
September 24th: Play-Off Final
October 1st: Beginning of the Rugby World Cup
November 14th: Final of the Rugby World Cup

Also Note that if one joins the SSRF after June 1st they will not be legible for the 2011 Rugby World Cup

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