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The United Republic of Llithustania

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The United Republic of Llithustania

Post by Huston on Wed May 18, 2011 11:18 pm


I just wanted to post my City Journal here, just so if you want to know more
about this country (
I'm running for 2012 summer simlympics Smile ) Here is the CJ Update
that has not been up that long:

Leave Comments if you wish!


Welcome, to the most empowering city in Llithustania, the capital city
of Maine. here today we'll be circling downtown and nothing more.

This is the Congress Hall of Llithustania, the political powerhouse of
the nation. Its is visited by thousands every year, and inside are over
400 seats for the politicians of the country.

This is downtown, or what I'm letting you see so far...
This place is always filled with things to do, It's always
great to stop by here and see the nightlife, clubs, bars, malls
you name it, its here!

This is downtown by day, You can see slightly more. Finding that it is as pleasant as Night as it is in the day!

Maine's most iconic Landmark in the city, the Cronel River Bridge. It's
one of the most prestigious bridges in the nation, using gold statues,
concrete and marble pillars, steel arches and gleaming lights, it truly
shows the cities devotion and elegance.

It is stands well above the water as Llithustania's gleaming Landmark, that has crossed the Cronel River for over 120 years!

But lets go back to Congress. Here are some of the Department buildings, Housing the different sectors in government.

By the Cronel River, Stands the brightened Congress Hall, Christened
with lines of statues and a magnificent lighting scheme. Another
delightful piece of Litusian Architecture!

And finally we reach a small aerial view in the day! I haven't shown
Congress in whole, the reason is the lotting is not finished so...You'll
have to wait and see what'll really look like in the end!

(Maine City, Central Llithustania, Llithustania, Europe --Applicant City for the 2012 Summer Simlympics)

Thanks for viewing folks!!


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Re: The United Republic of Llithustania

Post by cormiermax on Thu May 19, 2011 2:09 am

This looks fantastic! Keep up the awesome work!

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Re: The United Republic of Llithustania

Post by emperordaniel on Thu May 19, 2011 2:27 am

You saw my comment for this update on the AIN site Razz

for those who didn't...


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Re: The United Republic of Llithustania

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