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Information for Bidders

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Information for Bidders

Post by Joe 90 on Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:09 am

Bidding is open as of now, and closes at 00:00 GMT, Sunday 15 January 2012. No info can be added to your bid after this date. The ISC Session,where the host is decided, will be held in late January.

To make it easier to view the contents of your bid we ask that when you post your bid you post two threads:

- City's Bid
- City's Bid Comments

This way, everyone can see your bid a lot easily. You're more than welcome to post in the comments thread to let everyone know you've updated your bid, but please keep the bid thread strictly for bid details.

For information on how to bid for the Simlympics, please visit this thread.

- The ISC

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