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Winterland Times - Daily Winterland News

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Winterland Times - Daily Winterland News Empty Winterland Times - Daily Winterland News

Post by Win95Setup on Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:34 am

Before the newspaper, we will tell you some basic information about Winterland. The newspaper will tell you the latest news and
weather from Winterland and is daily. But during every second week, the newspaper will not be posted at all.

Founded in 1894
Population Estimate : 270.000
Capital City : Central London
Motto : The Land of All Seasons
Currency : Winterland dollar (WAD) 0.98 USD is the equivalent of 1.00 WAD.

Winterland Times
August 8, 2012 - $1.86

Sunland Industries Merger Could Effect Economy
Yesterday, Sunland Industries, the largest corporation in Winterland has accepted a offer from Maple Equity Holdings to merge.
The post-merger name is expected to be "Sunland-Maple Group". All it needs is approval from the Winterland Securities and Exchange Commission. Many people are unopposed, but economists are taking the other route. Economy Minister Stephen McDonald claims that
the Capital Stock Exchange may be affected. It dived 6% after Sunland controversially took over Northway Construction in a 1.4 billion
dollar deal back in 1996. The Securities and Exchange Commission also disapproved Sunland's attempt to use one of it's subsidiaries
to buy out a multinational fast food chain. The decision will be made tonight at around 10:00pm.

London Regional Utilities Admits To Overcharging Direct Bill Withdrawal Customers
A spokesperson for London Regional Utilities has admitted to allegations that customers that used the "Direct Bill Withdrawal" service provided to customers of National Bank, were overcharged about 5 to 20%. The overcharging began in 2009, shortly after a
partnership with National Bank to let companies immediately withdrawal money from customers' bank accounts when billed.
A class action lawsuit is currently been filed against London Regional Utilities. Rumors have spread that the money was used so that
employees could spend it on luxuries.

Winterland National Weather Summary
A cold front will give thunderstorms in the afternoon in the Sutherland, London and Cambridge regions, clearing in the evening.
Meanwhile thunderstorms continue into evening hours in the Eastlands.


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