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Teddy City in 2013

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Teddy City in 2013 Empty Teddy City in 2013

Post by titanicbuff on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:34 am

My city Teddy City is wanting to partake as a host- we have a convention center that can be divided into numerous venues- a football stadium for the same thing- many hotels, and a brilliantly designed transit system complete with ease of use exit ramps. The airport is out side of town and it has a shuttle ready system. Many restaurants and hotels are throughout the city and the royal palace will allow tours for the fans to see what the city holds in store. Downtown is massive and a newly built bridge on the southwestern end of town has just opened to help ease congestion. the treasury is full and the collage is a ready dorm for athletes to stay as it will close for the games.
Tho see the city itself look at my cj for details and chose wisely- the city has pulled out all the stops to make a memorable experience-

Teddy City- 2013


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