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Where would you put Sirius if it was a confirmed bid against the other bids made so far?

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Post by FutureSimlympics on Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:11 am

Sirius2014 <a href=Sirius2014 Simlym10" />

Sirius: A potential candidate for the 2014 summer games in July

As the esteemed Simlympic community reflects on the prestigious summer games, the bar was raised significantly by fabulous hosts, Okashi. However the future of the event looms in the hands of whoever the Committee will choose, could this be Sirius?

Sirius is the ideal Simlympic City. It's terrain blesses the metropolis with stunning views and resources to host a games that will be just stunning. Whilst the cities infrastructure is very sustainable along with it's booming local economy, Sirius is already supported by Surrounding urban areas as the capital of the United Colonies, therefore motorway routes to the city are very direct for both spectators from the UC, or Simlympic fans flying in from the variety of International Airports dotted around the country. There is no doubt that Sirius has obtained it's natural beauty well, and therefore we have meshed the already present opportunity to use natural locations as the hosts for sports along with getting the city on board when designing groundbreaking new areas of the city that will act as Simlympic Parks and further venues. We hope that you will like the sound of our venue plan and we welcome constructive criticism and comments. Pictures will be coming soon.

List of Venues, Some with descriptions:

Archery - John Steinback Arena

Sirius has natural parks placed well around the city, the John Steinback park being one of many. The park, sitting next to Minster River, will be home of archery after dedicated simlympic volunteers set up the temporary arena, that will house 5 - 6,000 sims,

Athletics - The Simlympic Stadium

While hosting the Opening Ceremony, the Simylmpic Stadium will also be the jewel in the crown of the Simlympic park. The Marathon and Walking Events will be a single curcuit, Both Starting at the Park and working there way around a scenic route. At the final and starting stages when participants are racing in the park, banks will allow spectators to sit on the the grass and support their athletes while stocking up with a commercial area only a minute away on the top of these hills

Badminton - Aspire Center

Home of the countries main Racket Sports school, the Aspire Center will play a key roll within the Simylmpic Legacy Project

Baseball and Softball - Howard Webb Basketball Centre and UCS Stadium

- The Howard Webb Basketball Center (Often called 'The HWBC) already hosts the final of 'The Superslam Cup', a prestigious basketball competition known all around the UC. But in 2014 it could host the one thing bigger - Simlympic Basketball. Located near the Marina, the center is slightly West of the Simlympic Park

- The UCS Stadium also hosts the two league finals at the end of the Softball Season. Abbreviated from 'United Colonies Softball' Stadium, the arena also has a learning center that will host softballs movement in the Simlympic Legacy project that will be released if the bid is confirmed to be officially running for the title by the UCSC (United Colonies Sports Committee).

Beach Volleyball - London Beach

Blessed by the cities natural environment, London Beach is used to temporary seating as it shares the roll of holding the Beach Soccer final's every year with Ferens beach

BMX - Twenliga Center

Boxing - Luke Campbell Stadium

Cycling - Chris Hoy Veledrome

Playing a key part in the games for locals, Cycling is one of the UC's favorite simlympic sports

Equestrian - JR Community Race Course

Fencing - Vantano Expo Center

Handball - Vantano Expo Center

Hockey - UCHC

Indoor Volleyball - Taipung Expo Center

For the full venue list, keep tuning in.

We hope that this short Topic has put Sirius on the map and please be sure to check for more information on what could be the potential host city for the next summer games


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