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Perthshire 2009

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Perthshire 2009

Post by dljrfn2000 on Sun Oct 05, 2008 6:18 am

In plan for a spring 09 event the City of Perthshire in the country of Perthshire attempts to be the first non competing nation in the Simlympics to win a bid.

At just over 5 million people Perthshire is an artistic and rich historical monarchy north of Japan. A strong western influence from near by Russia and Alaska meets with Eastern culture and values on the small island. The island was once many waring tribes that fought for supremacy in the early 1600's. Legend tells of how the Eagle tribe and the Perthshirian tribe fought in an epic battle that burned Perthshire to the ground and massive explosion in the Kings palace which sat on a natural gas outlet so comon to the island. The briliant blue flash light up the night sky and burned for 30 weeks when it was all said and done the Eagle tribe surrendered saying it was a sign from the gods that Perthshire was truly like the Phoenix rebuilding from the ash and they were the true leaders of the island.

The Games will reflect that and reflect fire as the games symbol not only through the flame but through the design on the games.

Perthshire is now the world leader in natural gas exports and is a economic strong hold in the world. There armies are superior and the discipline of the Perthshirian culture is almost unrivled making Perthshire a true force for the games.

Perthshire 2009- Find the fire within!

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Re: Perthshire 2009

Post by Slacker on Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:34 am

Wow, sounds amazing. Really looking forward to seeing some of the flame inspired buildings Very Happy.
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