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Avery's Bid

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Avery's Bid

Post by woodb3kmaster on Sat Nov 15, 2008 11:54 am

Welcome to the Official Bid of the Region of Avery in the 2007 Simlympic Games!

I waited to due a thread like this to avoid imitadors of my work. I have noticed throughout the past month that a few people have taken some of my ideas, and I'm glad that I decided to hold off this post till now.... So without further adu, The Region of Avery!!

Region Facts:

Population: 500,000
Capital: Freehold (220,000 pop.)
Founded: 1642 by John Scott Avery
Bird: Hawk
Flag: 4 Starts represent; Freedom, Liberty, Exellence, Atheteticism. Big Star Represents all 4 combined into one nation.
Airports: 2 (Memorial International and Freehold International)
Mass Transit: ATA (Avery Transit Association). Ground Rail. Elevated Rail. Highway System. Bus System. 2 Subway Stations. Aldrich Tunnel.


1. Bank Of America Stadium - Home of the Freehold Hawks - 80,000 Fans
2. Patriot Stadium - Home of the Avery Rebels - 59,000 Fans
3. High Skate Complex - 11,000 Fans
4. Quintano Swim Complex - Home of the Regional Swim Championships - 10,500 Fans
5. Continental Airlines Arena - Home of the Avery Patriots - 18,500 Fans
6. Golub Track Center - Home of the Regional Track and Field Championships - 25,000 Fans

City Hall and Grand Central Station

Liberty Oak Park

Monmouth University

Oak Glen Park

Convention Hall

Night Clubs and Churches

Tension Mounts in Avery as Olympic Bids Close

Six Flags Metro

Beaches and Boardwalks


The Marina

The Bank of America Plaza

Extensive Highway System

Major League Teams

Host City of the SimBowl!

The Region With Everything.... Then Some!!

Main Athletics Stadium - (1) Bank of America Stadium

Atleast one indoor Arena - Continental Airlines Arena

A Swimming Center - Quintano Swim Complex

A Park - (1) Liberty Oak Park (2)Oak Glen Park

Veldrome - High Skate Complex

Tennis Courts - Pending Completion if city wins Bid

Football Pitches - Golub Athletic Center

Space for Shooting & Archery - Liberty Oak Park

A seaside/riverside sailing center - Avery Bay and River. Avery is a perfect location for outdoor water events.

A lake for Canoeing and Rowing - Aldrich Lake

A suitable Mountain biking location - Pocono Mountains

Voleyball Courts - Belmar Outdoor Courts

A suitable site for horseriding - Oak Glen Park

Olympic Village - This area will most likey be located just north of the olympic park area. It will have a elevated rail service, light-rail service, and direct highway access to all the venues. It will be located right on the water front for beautiful peaceful views in the bustlin' city life.

Major Airport nearby (1) Allaire International Airport (2) Freehold International Airport

Good transport facilities - Parkway highway system runs through the main athletic area, as does the light-rail, rail, elevated rail. Bus-services frequent in city centre, also a ferry service to many other destinations throughout the region.

Good Hotels - The biggest and best hotels are located in the uptown area of town which is less then 2 miles from the main sports complex. Also cheaper hotel options still reside along the Garden State Parkway.

The following will be very kindley looked upon :

An Olympic Park - Liberty Oak Park which is a very large, recreational park with a huge Mueseum located in it makes an excellent location for an Olympic Park. As does the PNC Bank Park across the street from the Continental Airlines Arena which also has its own ferris wheel on the grounds.

Stadiums- Bank of America Stadium, Patriot Stadium, Gulub Track Center, Monmouth University Stadium, and another propposed stadium for a minor league soccer team.

3-6 Indoor Arenas (Its very hard to have one arena big enough to host: Basketball, Handball, Gymnastics, Hockey, Fencing, Wrestling etc) - Y Continental Airlines Arena, High Skate Complex, Belmar Showroom (located in the Volcanic), and the Freehold Convention Center.

High quality hotels - Many. Embassy Suites, Ritz Carlton, Sheraton, Wagner, Marriot, Hilton and moderate ones like Days Inn, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, etc...

A big city, with historical venues as well as many tourist attractions. - Proud region. Freehold City hall is a historical landmark. The Memorial Tower located on Corley Island is our largest landmark. Bank of America plaza has an amazing observation deck. Six Flags Metro is the largest producing volume out of the franchise. Belmar's casinos and Marina gives Atlantic City and Los Vegas competition. St. Vincent's Catherdral in downtown is one of the oldest Roman Catholic Churches in the nation. Italian heritage can be found all over, especially in the Freehold's Little Italy. The canals in the downtown or famous for their boat ride tours. Numerous nightclubs and bars have been rated amongst the highest.
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