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Opening Ceremony

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Opening Ceremony

Post by woodb3kmaster on Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:01 pm

Time for another round of update.... and guess what?

It's Simlympics time!!!

Well.... I now present.... the December 2007 Simlympics at Windsor Park...
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- we near the final leg of the torch running. The torch is being carried by Lt. Jaqulina, a detective on the Windsor Park Police Dept.

Lt. Jaqulina, known for her work with inner-city youths and her work on tracking down the fugitive responsible for the January attacks of the city including the Interlink Building, was voted for by the city to light the torch. She's now at the base of the fountain.... and she has now started the flame on the base... and we now are happy to bring you news that the Simlympics are officially ready to begin!

The fountain is based on the torch runner of ancient Greek design, and expected to be another wonderful place to visit during the Simlympics events.

We now go live on scene near Ruewin Tower, where the festivities have started.

This year's pyrotechnics display is being conducted by Windsor-based Incidema Pyrotechnics, and being paid for by various corporate sponsors. The display is expected to last until 11pm tonight, and we urge all visitors and citizens to join in on the festvities!

After talks with the International Simlympics Committee, games will begin on Wednesday, allowing for various nations to practice and take in the different events, historical sppots, and even shopping, as well as adjust to the cold weather in the area.

The events schedule for the event will be posted soon on the ISC site.

Tonight at Interlink, Movian pop singer, London Ritz, will be making her American debut, as thousands of Movian nationals visiting the city swarm the arena. Already sold out as of 6am this morning, the event is likely to be a standing room only concert.

The city council, to further provide security for atheletes in the events, will also be donating it's private box at the Arena, to allow for added security and comfort to those visiting.

Coming up next.... the 10 day forecast for the Simlympics games...
Well, hope everyone liked the opening events.... I know its not the most spectacular, but I had to rush it in order to make it available for the Dec 1. More Tuesday/Wednesday!
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