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Coverage of the First Simlympics

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Coverage of the First Simlympics

Post by Slacker on Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:45 pm

The Simlympics begin in full swing!

International athletes, diplomats and officials rush into the city centre, heading toward the newly constructed millennium stadium.

Tourists flocking to many New Rhodesian landmarks, including the "Monument of Universal Suffrage" and the SCJU HQ, the location of the Olympic torch, which will be kept alite for the entirity of the games...

Night sets on New Rhodesia, and the atmosphere swiftly changes.... Anticipation is on the horizon, hearts race, the people await the games...

Dignatories, officials and ambassadors begin leaving their luxurious rooms at the "Exclesior Hotel" and make their way towards the Millennium stadium, with thousands of others...

and then...... The Olympic torch is given life! A blaze of orange, yellows and red's rage upward, as the crowd cheers fill the air all around...

Fireworks fill the night sky, a sheer plethora of colour and light tears across the sky...

"The People are the Hero's" is engraved into the monument, a testament to the power of democracy and the rights of all peoples.

Proud Host of the first Simlympics.
New Rhodesia thanks you all!

Diolch yn fawr!
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