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Ainvision Song Contest 2009: Petrova

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Ainvision Song Contest 2009: Petrova

Post by Peter on Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:51 am

Tonight, 13 countries have set their eyes on the entertainment capital of the world: Chihiro, Petrova. 12 performers will represent their country and sing their hearts out and only one will bring home the prize of 1 million Petrovars and host the next ainvision.

The hosts for tonight's event is Mischa Trogonoff and Bobby Sandoval. Now, let's meet the 13 countries will be competing in the 2009 Ainvision Song Contest! And here now are your hosts!

(Cheers and Applause)

Mischa & Bobby: Komosti everyone and welcome to the first ever Ainvision. We are live here at the beautiful city of Chihiro.

Mischa: Wow....look at the people here. That's right folks, we have a jam packed stadium of 78,000 along with over 5 million people world wide watching this. Let's go on over to Alicia who is at the Grande Amphitheater where hundreds are watching. Alicia, can you hear us?

Alicia: Hey guys, I am live here at the Grande Amphitheather and I can tell you that it is very crowded in here. Let's get an aerial shot of what were looking at

Alicia: People have gathered here to see the show. The cool thing is, there will actually be an after show concert here with all the performers of the Ainvision, so that's what's people are looking forward to. Ok, let's go back to the Athletistadium, Bobby and Mish...

Bobby: I must say, Mish & Alicia, I am already anxious. This is even more exciting than the Miss SimUniverse Competition held here a couple of months ago. But what I'm hoping for is the Miss AIN pageant...

Mischa: Whoah there Bobby, get your back in here (audience laughs). Anyways, these people that are about to rock your world have been preparing for ages. I really would hate to see these people not win, I wish they all would win. They have arrived in Petrova on Tueday and have been rehearsing non-stop for this event.

Bobby: Ok, so here's what going to happen. You folks back home and everyone here, you will get to see 12 countries/dependencies perform and towards the end of the show, you will vill vote. (Only for AIN members)

Mischa: And now, in random order, here now are the performers. Let's begin with: Ceara Islands. (Cheers & Applause) The representatives for Ceara Island this year is All Time Low and they will be performing Dear Maria, Count Me In.

Bobby: That was a wonderful show put on by All TIme Low. Next up is Belle Chasse! We continue our rock concert mood with We the Kings singing their song, Check Yes Juliet! (Cheers & Applause)

Mischa: If my name was Juliet, I would definitely check yes! Next up is a country far away, Tongolia! From Tongolia is Catalin performing their smash hit, Run Away! (Cheers & Applause)

Bobby: That was a stunning performance, Tongolia! Let's bring in some christian rock with Escambia's Pillar! They will be singing Smiling Down. (Cheers & Applause)

Mischa: Halelluyah! That was a splendid performance. Now, let's get this party started with Petrova! (Cheers & Applause) Representing Petrova this year is our very own September singing her smash single, Satellites!

Bobby: Awesome job Petrova! Let's put our hands up for Liseux! Liseux's representaives are Cobra Starship performing City at War! (Cheers & Applause)

Mischa: Hopefully Chihiro won't be a city of war, because we are an energetic city tonight! This puts us in the right mood for Sarnia Islands! Representing Sarnia Islands is Keo, singing Falling High! (Cheers & Applause)

Hosts: Awesome job guys! When we come back, you will get to see more from our AIN countries, live here in Chihiro, Petrova! (Commercial Break)

The official Sponsors for the Ainvision 2009: Petrova are:

Coca Cola

Bobby: Welcome back to Ainvision. We are halfway through the contest and we have five more countries to go. Now, let's bring in some international spice to this show with Paltascia. Representing Paltascia is Puya & George Hora singing Undeva in Balcani! (Cheers & Applause)

Mischa: Muy bueno! Great job guys!....Oohhhhh yea, let's now bring in the All-American Rejects! (Cheers & Applause) The All-American Rejects will be representing Raffore Islands, singing their new song, Real World.

Bobby: Rock on dudes! Now, let's soften the mood a little bit, with Athkova! Representing Athkova is none other than Tony Parker singing Premier Love. (Cheers & Applause)

Mischa: Wow, and Eva Longoria married him??? She is one lucky woman! Let's now travel back in time and imagine the simple, serene life. Helping us set this mood, is Kalnobia with War singing Low Rider! (Cheers & Applause)

Bobby: Ahhhh those good old memories. I remember I was barely a year old when that song was popular. Now, for our last performance of this year's contest is a submission from two countries: Ainken & Nalsa Islands. (Cheers & Applause) And now, here's Keane with Crystal Ball.

Alicia: Wow, that was one hell of a show, don't you think? Now that you've seen all of this year's contestants, it's time to vote for the best one. To help you decide the winner, let's review our 12 performances this evening. Starting with....

Mischa: And there you have it folks. Twelve fantastic performances, I hope you all win, but sadly only one performance will win. Who will it be? Find out tomorrow when the winner is revealed.

Bobby, Alicia, Mischa: And once, again from the entertainment heart of the world, Chihiro, we say good night to you! Thanks for joining us and we'll see you next year in the next Ainvision! (Cheers & Applause)

Don't forget, wallpapers of Ainvision will be made available shortly!

Fireworks exploded in the sky as spectators left the Olympic Complex. The performers gave an after-show concert at the Grande Amphitheater.

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