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2nd Ain Games - Escambia City, URE

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2nd Ain Games - Escambia City, URE

Post by Guest on Thu May 28, 2009 11:35 am

Starting June 1st!
Be there as AIN Nations compete for the glorified Gold medals

Member Nations:


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Re: 2nd Ain Games - Escambia City, URE

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:35 am

The Opening Cermony's

ESPN Escambia Coverage:

Taylor Jackson: Welcome to the ESPN-Escambia Coverage of the 2nd AIN Games in Escambia City, URE.
Nikolai Olthoff: Yes, welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Nikolai Olthoff, and my partner tonight will be Taylor Jackson.
Jackson: Tonight plans to be a great night for Escambia. Holding there second major world events in the last month.
Olthoff: Thats right Taylor. Last week Escambia wrapped up SIIHF World Hockey Tournament.
Jackson: Ahh, The lights have dimmed! The Countdown is beginning!


Olthoff: What an amazing start! Fireworks set off from every stadium in the complex!
Jackson: How beautiful!

Olthoff: And there it looks like there pumping fog.
Jackson: I wonder what there doing down there?
Olthoff: Whatever it is im sure it will be great!

And there goes the lights on to the field! The show is about to begin!!

Jackson: Olthoff, is the lightning beautiful?
Olthoff: It sure is Taylor!

Jackson: And here to comes the torch!
PA Announcer
: Please Direct your attention to East Jumbotron for the lighting of the cauldron.

Olthoff: Wow what an amazing show
Jackson: It looks to be as if the parade of nations is starting! Lets watch...

PA Announcer: Please turn your attention to the West inzone.... Everyone please welcome the great nation of Aeropoli!

Olthoff: Looks like Athkova is coming in next.
Jackson: It sure does Nick.

Olthoff: Now the neighbor of Escambia, Belle Chasse!

Jackson: Now up the newest member of AIN, Jiesan!

Olthoff: Next nation up looks like the great people of Kalnobia!

Olthoff: Now up one of newest formed countries of AIN, Lisieux!

Jackson: Next up Paltsacia

Olthoff: Now the great nation of Petrova!
Jackson: It sure is a great nation. Being major leader in global entertainment today!

Olthoff: What a great nation coming up here! It looks to be Raffore Islands!
Jackson: Yes you very correct Olthoff. What a great nation indeed.
Olthoff: As the former host of Spring Simlympics, Escambia citizens are giving them huge round of applauses.
Jackson: Wow, the crowd is really going wild!

PA Announcer: Would you please rise and remove your caps for the playing of the Raffore Islands National Anthem, to celebrate the independence day.


Olthoff: Now up the union founder, Tongolia!, fallowed by Sarnia Islands

Jackson: Now it last two countries. Next up will be Ceara Islands, Escambia's secondary country.
Olthoff: The crowd sure is getting loud Taylor!

Jackson: And last, but not least. the great nation hosting this amazing event. The United Republic of Escambia!!
Olthoff: WOW, the crowd is going insane!!
Jackson: Its competely deafning out there folks!

(will be a youtube video of nation anthem, youtube is currently under work)

Now a word from President of Escambia

Hello great citizens of Escambia and the world. I would like to welcome you here to my homeland, Escambia for 2nd AIN Games. We take great plesure in hosting these games, as it a stepping stone for better things to come. We would like to wish everyone a great week, and to have tons of fun, on your visit. Thank you for allowing us to hold this AIN. I would also like to congrat Raffore Islands on there Independence Day. I now declare the 2nd AIN Games open!! May everyone have good night, and God Bless


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Day 2 - 100m Freestyle, 239km Road Race, Judo Lightweight, & 56kg Weightlifting

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:36 am


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Re: 2nd Ain Games - Escambia City, URE

Post by Peter on Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:24 am

awesome games so far nate! Very Happy
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Re: 2nd Ain Games - Escambia City, URE

Post by Slacker on Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:54 am

Very nice Smile.
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Re: 2nd Ain Games - Escambia City, URE

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