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An Important COFR Annoucement...

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An Important COFR Annoucement...

Post by Neil on Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:20 am

Hi everyone,

Just a quick anouncement from the COFR. As you know the COFR recently got new forums - and as some of you may know - the registration system is busted, crippled, crumbled, crushed, defective, disintegrated, dismembered, mutilated, shattered and just well broke.

When memebrs login they can access so much more including...
Facebook la COFR (The name says it all)
The Secret Section of the Exchange with exclusive BATs
News Archives
The Live Chatbox
and so much more!

So if you have already signed up and can't login or want to signup for the first time to access the forums - please leave your e-mail address below and we'll set you up and e-mail you a password/username (you can change your password after first login). If you don't want to publicly share your username, email and we'll sort you out.

We'll endeavour to give you a requested username, but if youve already tried to sign up, that can't happen im afraid, so if you have an alternate please go ahead and share it.

Sorry for any inconvenience, we are working with our programmers to hopefully have this frustrating issue sorted soon...

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