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Opening Ceremonies of the Fifth Simlympiad

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Opening Ceremonies of the Fifth Simlympiad

Post by woodb3kmaster on Sun Nov 16, 2008 1:38 pm

Welcome everyone to Opening Ceremony Update for the September 2007 Simlympic Games held in Payens Osturland. This is a very special update that comes in two parts. First, I begin with the recent construction of the Simlympic Park (formerly Perigord Park). Since winning the September Simlympic Bid, the city of Payens has been working at a feverish pace to ensure that all the promised facilities were constructed in time for the games. Below is a map of the new park followed by close-up shots from all over the new Simlympic Park. In addition to the new facilities, two new monuments were erected, the Simlympic Cauldron and the Unity Through Athleticism fountain. The second part of this update is the Osturland Broadcasting Network's coverage of the opening ceremony for the September games. Catie Kouric and the crew at OBN will provide some commentary and images of the exciting event. I hope you enjoy the games!

The recently constructed Simlympic Park is located on the east side of Payens, Osturland. The park consists of five venues, four of which were created specifically for the games. It was imperative to the city to maintain as much green space as possible when constructing the new venues. As such, park designers built the venues around the sides of the existing Perigord Park in order to maximize the amount of existing lawn and trees in the center of the park. Residents and city officials agree that the constructed design emphasizes the natural beauty of the original park while brining functionality to the space.

We begin our tour with the La Roche Convention Center. The convention center is the only existing venue currently in the park. It successfully connects the northern and southern most parts of the Simlympic Park by anchoring the western most edge of the park. It also physically connects the park with the government and commercial sectors of Payens 7th Ward. The North Hall of the convention center is also home to the main branch of guest services for the games at the park.

Our next stop is the newly constructed Simlympic Velodrome. This facility is located in the southwest corner of the park. During the games the facility will be used for various cycling events. However, after the conclusion of the games the velodrome will be remodeled to be added as a new exhibition wing for the La Roche Convention Center. Outside the Simlympic Velodrome is seating with tables and food vendors to accommodate guests.

On the southern side of the park is the new Simlympic Village. The village offers housing for the many athletes competing in the Payens games and also offers some accommodations to non-athletes. In addition to the residential facilities in the park, a news building has been erected that provides foreign television broadcasters a base of operation to cover the September games. There is also a myriad of restaurants, stores, and entertainment activities for guests and athletes at the village.

On the southeast corner of the park is the newly constructed Simlympic Tennis Center. The tennis center offers both indoor and outdoor tennis courts for both play and practice. Additionally, a spacious Center Court and Court 1 have been constructed for higher profile matches. The state-of-the art facility is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Next, we come to the new Simlympic Swim Center. Again, the center offers some fast dining options for guests as they try to beat the heat in this outdoor facility. Spectators have excellent views of both diving and swimming events from the cushioned chairs on either side of the pool. The beauty of the facility is only enhanced by the exposed tree lines on the eastern and western sides of the facility.

The final new venue constructed for the games is the Simlympic Stadium. The stadium will hold the opening ceremony and also is home to the athletic and football competitions during the games. The newly constructed facility offers spectators unobstructed views of the action as well as jumbotrons on either end of the stadium in case the spectators miss the action on the field. Bordering the stadium is the new Simlympic Cauldron. The Cauldron is made of steel and is visible from inside the stadium as well as around the 7th Ward of Payens and the rest of the park.

A central structure has also been constructed in the middle of the new Simlympic Park. The fountain entitled Unity Through Athleticism, was built to commemorate the anniversary of the Simlympics. Showcased in the fountain is the globe of our planet. Then surrounding the fountain and globe is the flags of the competing nations in this year's Simlympics. The structure is tall enough to be seen from anywhere around Simlympic Park. Following the pictures of the fountain are just a few random pictures of the park.

Welcome to this special edition of the Osturland Broadcasting Network's Evening News. I'm your host Catie Kouric and we have a special feature to bring you tonight. Here in our very own city is the beginning of the September Simlympics. As many of our residents undoubtedly know, the city of Payens has been planning and preparing for this very day for quite some time. I know that many of us are glad that the day is finally here! In addition to seeing what hopes to be a spectacular opening ceremony and fireworks display, we will all be able to experience our city without the immense construction constantly taking place. At any rate, I am just receiving word that the ceremony is about to start. However, before we cut directly to the Simlympic Stadium, we want to check in with Veridith and the torch as it makes its way across Payens on the way to the stadium to ignite the Simlympic Cauldron....Veridith are you there?

Veridith: Yes Catie, I'm here and the torch is now making its way through the museum district onto Baudinard Circus. The current runner is a high school girl who last month saved a pig from a water well and was given the honor of carrying the torch because of her bravery.

Catie: Well that is just smashing, what else do you see at that location Veridith?

Veridith: There are just scores of people lining the streets, cheering and clapping for our young runner.

Catie: Veridith, have you heard any rumors as to who will be running the last leg of the torch's journey to the Simlympic Cauldron?

Veridith: No Catie, the organizers of the Simlympics have been very tight lipped about the torch relay and will not reveal the last runner. Rumors about the identity of the runner abound. I've heard everything from the Pope, to Santa Claus, to Elvis....

Catie: I'm getting word that the ceremony has just started and that the athletes are now beginning to enter the stadium for the parade of athletes. We are now going to leave our conversation with Veridith and go to another reporter on location, this time inside the Simlympic Stadium. Lets go now to Sillard Wott and here about the athletes. Sillard....

Sillard: Well Catie, the athletes are now making there way into the stadium. We can see that the Brazilian delegation in their green jumpsuits are right ahead of our own Osturland delegation in the reddish orange uniform.

Catie: Sillard, I always thought that the nations came into the stadium in alphabetical order, but Osturland doesn't follow directly after Brazil?

Sillard: Historically you are right Catie, but this year's organizers have broke tradition and decided to randomly draw names from a hat to determine the order. The thinking was that by following the strict nature of the alphabetic entrance, many countries were being disadvantaged when it comes to applause. They believed that the best applause occurs at the beginning of the parade and that by the end, most spectators are too tired to applaud. By entering randomly, everyone had the same opportunity for applause and thus their morale and athletic performance can be enhanced.

Catie: This all makes alot of sense Sillard, I'm glad to hear the organizers were not alphabetists like usual and have decided to break tradition in order to equalize the playing field.

Sillard: Catie, did you just make up that alphabetists word?

Catie: Moving right along, do you see the last runner brining in the torch to light the cauldron?

Sillard: Well, no not just...wait a minute, yes I can see the last runner. It appears to be our very own HRH King William Gardannes! King Gardannes was most influential in getting the games to Payens. I know that many of our people are quite pleased to see King Gardannes running with this torch and lighting the cauldron.

Catie: Now as soon as the cauldron is lit, there will be a fireworks demonstration across the whole city, right Sillard?

Sillard: That is correct Catie. As soon as HRH lights the cauldron there will be fireworks ignited across the city, it should be quite a spectacle. he goes, the King is lighting the cauldron....

Catie: Well that was something else. I hope that you all have enjoyed this special presentation of the September Simlympics. Be sure to continue to follow the games as they progress over the course of the next couple of weeks. This has been a special presentation of the OBN News Hour and I am your host Catie Kouric. Till next time...goodbye everyone!

This concludes the opening ceremony coverage. I hope that you have enjoyed it! Very Happy
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